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graduation capGREAT GIFT FOR GRADS!
Quickies for Couples makes a fabulous gift for students just entering or just graduating from college!


Quickies for Couples: Fast, Fresh Recipes for Two is the perfect book for two-person households. It makes a great holiday gift for that cute couple on your list.

  •  We believe in using the freshest ingredients.
  •  Most recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.
  •  Try some of our recipes for yourself!

Here's what readers say:

"I had to write my praises for your cookbook. I have never been compelled to do this before, but I just got your cookbook and made four recipes, and my husband could not stop complimenting the entire meal! The rest of the recipes sound wonderful and I cannot wait to try them. I have hidden the cookbook from my husband (who likes to cook) so I can keep surprising him with your recipes!" -- Amy, Florida

"Husband-Pleasing Hamburger Casserole was a hit with my husband! You have inspired me to want to write a cookbook." -- Kathleen, Washington State

"This book not only provides great tips and directions for the not-so-experienced cook, but it also gives me some great new recipes for almost every type of cuisine. The book really lives up to its name. The recipes are fast, easy, and I never have to worry about leftovers." -- A reader from Texas

"I love the Chicken-Basil-Blue pasta! I got an extra copy of the cookbook, just to keep in my office, so I can skim it and grab fresh stuff on the way home. I'm hoping for more recipes in a new book soon!!" -- Michelle, California

"This is one of a very few books that actually cuts most of its recipes down to two portions. Since it's just myself and my husband, that's just perfect!!" -- Leslie, Texas

"This book is heaven sent for those of us who aren't gourmet chefs and don't like having to buy enough food for a small army just to follow a dinner recipe. Good, fresh food without a lot of fuss...that's my kind of cookbook." -- Cooper, Texas

"I'm always trying to find something fast to make for dinner for the two of us; this is GREAT!" -- Hannah, Washington State

"So many other cookbooks assume that you are an expert-level cook! Quickies is a great book to help you feel more comfortable in the kitchen, and it will never intimidate you." -- A reader from Texas

"We just love your cookbook and are planning to give it out as Christmas gifts this year." -- Marianna and Adam, Oregon

"Fresh Southwest Chicken Salad took just half an hour to prepare, and it brought dinnertime light to a palate previously darkened by lunch at a particularly unfortunate national sandwich chain. The other recipes appear equally promising." -- Joel, Texas

"I appreciate that the book includes several wonderful vegetarian & seafood dishes. This is a great buy for anyone!" -- Sarah, Michigan

"Just wanted to let you know I am eating one of the recipes from your cookbook and it's delish!" -- Valerie, Texas

"I tried the cheesy onion and mushroom enchiladas and thought they were excellent. My daughter cleaned her plate, which is a huge compliment! Like the book said, we have enough for leftovers which is a definite plus for our busy lifestyle. The book was very easy to follow and had good directions." -- Julie, Texas


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